Move Over Second City – Here Come the Guppies!

The curtain opened last weekend for the comedy sketch class at Geneva Underground Playhouse. For five bucks, audience members could catch a rather funny series of comedic skits entitled "Flee While You Can."

When we wrote about the new youth classes at the Geneva Underground Playhouse back in December in , we knew there'd be a follow-up.

Those aspiring young actors have emerged after working with award-winning, 20-year experienced sketch writer, performer and director Eric Schwartz for the past several weeks.

While Schwartz led them on the journey to help hone their comedic delivery skills, the group plucked moments from their everyday lives to create great material for the scripts. 

Once you click on the gallery , you'll see they didn't miss a beat in the video clip – acting out, sometimes randomly, a slice from life - including the Justin Bieber craze, cardio day in gym class, to that annoying kid at school. If there's a tween in your brood, they will laugh – even the kid in you might find it hard to resist a chuckle!

This class will be held again in the fall and most likely will include alumni from this group. 

Godspell opens this weekend and runs through April 10 with performances Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m. and Sunday at 3 p.m. For ticket information, go to the website, call 630-677-1726 or email:  info@guptheatre.org


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