This Week's Challege Homes are Two True Blue

One's historic -- the other's a perfect picture of fall.

I’m not surprised nobody identified the white house with the octagonal front. It sits at 115 Crissey Ave., on a hill high above the busy connecting street to Route 25. The barn-red house at 701 Fargo Boulevard is a little harder to miss, though it is screened by some well-grown parkway trees. The house was designed and built in 1960 for longtime Geneva resident Merritt King, according to the current owners. Among its period details is a heating system that uses a honeycomb structure to send hot water under the floors.

This week’s Challenge homes are our last, for awhile. Both are blue, and could both be historic. One is documented to have been built in 1869, and was featured in 1988’s Christmas Walk. The other doesn’t bear a historic plaque, but it is located in a historic neighborhood. The bright red foliage on the bushes in the front yard make it a perfect autumn addition to the Architecture Challenge.

Let us know your answers in the comments field below!


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