Swedish Days Shopping Gets ‘Cutting Edge’ with QR Codes

Mobile friendly technology provides a new platform for Geneva merchants to offer great deals.

Posters displaying large black-and-white squares have begun popping-up in storefronts across Geneva. After inquiring with Geneva Chamber of Commerce Communications Manager , I learned that these checkered blocks are known as QR Codes.

The Chamber of Commerce feels that these codes are a novel and innovative way for merchants to attract customers at the upcoming Swedish Days festival.

“One of the things that we try to do every festival is incorporate our downtown businesses into the event,” says Rush. “We decided to be cutting edge with Swedish Days and create a specific QR Code that, when scanned by a smart phone of some kind, will take visitors to our mobile friendly ‘Hot Deal’ page.”

So, how exactly do QR Codes work? Well, any smart-phone user can snap a photo of the code using a free QR reader application. When scanned, the code opens a URL or file that usually offers a special deal for a store or product.

The QR Code present on the Chamber’s Swedish Days posters provides a number of special deals from participating businesses and restaurants. Merchants are offering everything from buy-one-get-one deals, to discounted merchandise or food, to giveaways. The chamber encouraged participating retailers to be creative and generous in their bargains.

The code is the same on all posters, leading visitors to a “Hot Deal” page. Rush believes this will help incorporate more businesses into the festival.

“Because the code is the same for everyone, if a visitor is on State Street east and they scan a code in a window there, they will also see something being offered by a South Third Street merchant,” she says. “My hope is that all of these people are scanning the codes with their phones and visiting stores/restaurants all over the downtown.”

The bargains are only valid during Swedish Days, June 21-26..

For more information about the hot deals offered by the Chamber of Commerce, visit http://members.genevachamber.com/hotdeals.


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