Swedish Cottage Moves Into Town—One Very Clever, Fun Addition to Swedish Days

Kids will get to construct a little house—and the fun will continue in phases for the next Geneva festivals.

One very clever addition (literally) to the Swedish Days festivities moved in (literally, again) to Geneva today.

It's fun to see the activity downtown on Monday, as the community gets ready for Swedish Days. The service clubs are setting up, the courthouse lawn is getting a trim, workers are setting up the annual carnival.

And among all of this activity, Shodeen Construction is bringing in a treat for kids—and probably a few adults.

It's a house, a mini Swedish cottage, and children will be invited on Saturday to help build it. The windows are in, the roof and four walls are here—brought in by a truck flatbed and a forklift on Monday. But the finishing touches still need to be done.

That's where the kids come in. On Saturday, they'll be invited to paint the outside and color the inside walls, kind of like leaving your mark by carving your name in a wooden bench or your hand in wet concrete—only legal.

At future chamber festivals in 2011—Geneva Arts Fair and Festival of the Vine—two more facets of the cottage will need to be completed. The kids will paint the shingles added to the roof during the Arts Fair, and they'll have a crack at landscaping during Festival of the Vine.

When the it's finished, ShoDeen Inc. will donate the cottage to .

On Monday, the first phase of development was completed with the delivery of the framed building to its resting place on James Street by the courthouse. We can hardly wait to see Phase 2.

Jim J June 20, 2011 at 08:28 PM
Rick- Should be a fun addition to the festival. I just have to mention a pet peeve of mine that comes up in your article. Cement is not the word you meant to employ; but rather, concrete. Cement is a powder that acts like a glue and when mixed with limestone, water and sand, forms concrete. Jim James
Terry Flanagan June 20, 2011 at 08:34 PM
How cool is that. And the Swedish cottages at Good Templar aren't much bigger from what we learned on the tour Sunday. They're limited to 600 square feet and 16 feet at the highest point above ground level. Quite a contrast to a home in Eagle Brook.
Rick Nagel June 20, 2011 at 10:57 PM
Thanks, Jim! An old editor can learn something new on Patch. I will attempt to get it right from now on and add it to my list of pet peeves.


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