Check Out This Amazing Outdoor Workout at Mill Creek

Certified and degreed trainer Clint Humphreys is seen here leading a group exercise with all the equipment one might typically find in the gym.

If you live in Mill Creek or nearby and you've been thinking you might want to tone up for the summer, this just might be your excuse crusher! 

For $10 each, this group meets just east of Rejoice Church to join Clint every Saturday morning from 7:30 to 8:30 for what appears to be a vigorous outdoor workout. 

If you thought being outdoors would be any less of a workout than if you were in the gym, you just might be pleasantly surprised (if you like sweating and that sort of thing.) Check out the images here to get a glimpse of the various workout stations.

While it looks like you will work hard, Clint Humphreys tells Patch this is a casual drop in format and anyone is welcome. There is no minimum commitment or membership fees, just pay as you go. He also gave us his number, if you have any questions, you can call Clint at 630-450-6361.

Thanks, girls, for letting Patch interrupt your routine and being willing to participate in a spontaneous photo shoot. Now that's what I call being a good sport! 


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