Rick Does Swedish Days: Swedish Meatballs at Methodist Booth

Next stop, lunch. The Swedish ham is unavailable when we stop by due to an earlier power outage, but the Swedish meatballs more than make up for it. Ham is back this afternoon!

Here's what happened.

The power went out in the late morning for a number of the tents along North Third Street. Apparently, there were some problem with the wiring that was subsequently corrected. So there was no Swedish ham when Tricia and I visited the food tent at northwest corner of Third and State around 1:45 p.m.

We were on the hunt for the best Swedish food at Swedish Days, so a return trip for the ham is mandatory, I think.

Enter the Swedish meatballs.

A quick aside here. I grew up and am a proud former member of the Methodist Church, and my mother is Swedish (maiden name Shewalter), so I know a Swedish meatball when I taste it.

These are Swedish meatballs. Tricia (who hasn't had the pleasure of my mom's Swedish meatballs) says they taste like meatloaf rolled into balls. That's pretty much right. I had them with a little catsup and would have liked a little salt to go with. (Another aside: I'm a bit of a salt addict.)

But they (the Swedish meatballs) were delicious and authentic.

I'm told by John Fasbender that the Swedish meatballs are actually made by a Japanese chef from the Methodist Church but "the recipe is handed down from generations" of good Swedes.

Also, John says, "We're making them, so they're Swedish."

John says the ham is special and Swedish because it's served with a dill sauce. That sounds darned good to me.

I'm giving the Swedish meatballs three stars out of four.

The ham is back, as I type this. So get over there and give us a review, would you?

Next stop: face painting at North Third and Hamilton.

Sandy Klimowski June 21, 2011 at 09:49 PM
Coming down for dinner in a short while. I'm going to give those Swedish meatballs a try. Thanks


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