Rick Does Swedish Days' Manly Test of Strength

They don't call him "the hammer" for nothing. He pays them to call him "the hammer."

This afternoon was "manly challenge time" for one Rick Nagel. First was the test of courage: the . Then came the test of strength: the traditional Swedish Days hammer slam at the carnival.

And I'm not bragging, but I think it's safe to say you can summarize my performance in two words.

Good. Girl.

See, this is one of the many reasons my golf game is so bad. I think if you take the mass of the mallet head and multiply it by the speed of the mallet head and then multiply that by the angle of the club head at impact you'll figure out pretty quickly why it is IMSA doesn't dominate a lot of athletic contests.

Today I displayed the same combination of power and accuracy one might find in a bunny rabbit with Tourette Syndrome.

"Good girl," for the record, is about a quarter of the way up to the bell that dings when you win the big prize, and our excellent carny host was able to double that distance literally with one arm.

The good news is that he noticed Tricia taking pictures and was kind enough to give us one of the rubber-hammer prizes out of pity—the same reason, I suspect, that I've won so many journalism awards in my long history and romances in my callow youth.

Next up: A walk for AJ and a visit to the Center Stage to check out Mike & Joe.


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