Q&A: Geneva's Garrett Lance Talks About Being a White House Intern

How have Garrett Lance's experiences in Geneva helped him become a White House intern? Read on.

If you've ever considered your 6 degrees of separation from President Barack Obama, well, we've got good news. You probably can shave that down to 2 degrees, thanks to Geneva's Garrett Lance.

It's not that Garrett's rubbing elbows with the president every day, but he is serving as a White House intern through December.

We caught up with him via the proper channels, and he was kind enough to return the following Q&A.


How did you land the internship?

I applied to the White House Internship Program last spring. I was very excited when I received my acceptance.     

What experiences will you take from Geneva that you can apply in D.C.?

I think that, overall, Geneva is an engaged community. That local perspective is important when interning in a city that deals with policy at a more macro level.   

Have you started yet? When do you start?

Yes, I started in late August and will be an intern until mid-December. This program runs for the fall 2012 semester.

If you're already working ... What's it like so far? What are you doing? Who have you seen, talked to?

My intern experience so far has been great. I am assigned to the Office of Presidential Correspondence (OPC), which handles correspondence to the president. Constituents e-mail, fax, call, or write to the president with concerns, encouragement, and requests for assistance. It is the mission of OPC to listen to the American people, understand their stories and concerns, and respond on behalf of the president. During my time as an intern, I have also been lucky enough to hear from several White House officials.

Did your Geneva Patch internship help in any way?

Working in the Office of Presidential Correspondence, I read the stories and concerns of the American people. In a similar way, my work as a Geneva Patch reporter allowed me to talk with Geneva residents and understand their experiences and ideas.


Carolyn Zinke November 23, 2012 at 03:42 PM
I am so pleased to read that Garrett is interning at The White House. I worked with Garrett when he was in 4th grade--I was one of his teachers at Coultrap in Geneva and remember him to be an intelligent and hard working student. Congratulations to you Garrett! "Way to go!"


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