'New Tech' and 'Old Tech' Coffee Talk at McDonald's on the East Side

In comparison to our usual stops, the savory smell was as different, as was the conversation.

Mmmmm, french fried potatoes. The smell of which brings back memories of a time I liked them as much as I like coffee now. 

It's been a while since my kids were younger and I had a reason to hang out at . Today, I was pleasantly surprised with personable service (see images witnessing such treatment) and delicious, fresh coffee! 

This group of regulars has been coming here long before came to be, and we had a lot to offer each other, as they shared their wisdom and I, a little lesson in computer technology. 

Two of them own computers but none have heard of Geneva Patch until now, of course. They loved one of the journalists so much, those without computers may actually run out and get one just so they can follow AJ's work.  

You can imagine where that led the conversation —yep, technology and its advancement over their lifetime. Well, accept for Howard, who responded with a one-word answer in response to my question about what changes they've noticed the most over the years.

"Ourselves," he said.

Orville chimed in, explaining that while on the job with General Mills, they went from 36 packages per minute to 220, and with a chuckle he said, "Then, I knew it was time to think about retirement."

Orville is fascinated that he can talk with his daughter in Hong Kong on Skype, so in that regard, technology is a good thing. No sooner did Howard say, "Big brother is always watching," just as real life big brother Laverne reached over to give him a friendly pop in the arm. Howard looked up after a whiny ouch as he said, "We really do get along pretty good. We never had to fight over a girl because they were always fighting over us."

It wasn't long before our conversation naturally shifted over to the new "" implemented at the . They all agreed this was nothing like the days they went to school dances when everyone was bashful and boys actually stayed on one side of the room while the girls were on the other.

They agreed that those were the days when something being left to the imagination was a lot more attractive than the revealing and abrupt nature of boys and girls today. I have to agree: Choosing to behave with character and tasteful class would most likely attract the same into our lives, bringing value and quality to our relationships.

Music was different then, too, and we spoke about how some kids have never seen a record—and how records still sound better than CDs.

One of the guys here spoke about a goal his wife has to preserve a ton of slides and old photos by transferring them all to a digital format. I know of one place in Batavia (Real Pro Video) that offers those services, so let us know how that goes, Laverne.

Thanks for letting me sit in on your friendly banter, you alone could have taken up an entire column, and I'm sure editor Rick Nagel will agree, as we practically have! 

We can't end it here without mentioning Geneva Patch is a popular publication in the Powell household, with Mrs. Powell an active member and employee of the . They love it!

Taylor Powell and her dad were bonding over Mc Donald's while taking a break from his work at the home office. Mr. Powell said, "We always share some time together before Taylor goes on to school in the afternoon."  It's obvious they enjoy this special time together, which I'm sure will be a special tradition for years to come. 

As we leave the McDonalds on the East Side, we wave goodbye to Bill and Missy Delp, who are glad to be getting back from a quilting show in Nashville, TN. Bill says with a smile, "It was a great show, but we ran in to some bad travel weather in Northern Indiana with cars all over in the ditch."

We're glad you made it safely home, Delp family, and now it's off to work you go at the in Geneva to those who anxiously await refreshing drinks!

Thanks for visiting with Geneva Patch over coffee at McDonald's.

John Icke February 24, 2011 at 02:26 AM
Patch is so great! I have just discovered it in the last month or so and really enjoy the local news. And they said that local news would die with newspapers? Wrong. Keep up the great work and thanks.
Kimberly Kozar February 24, 2011 at 05:21 PM
Thank you, John! That's the beauty with the internet - it's real time, people can have an open forum to communicate and we have don't have too many space constraints. All of those involved with your local Patch live and work in this town. I have love being involved with this exciting new media! Visit often and come see me at Coffee Talk sometime ~ Kim


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