New Look Coming Wednesday to Geneva Patch!

Our Patch chef has cooked up a new presentation to go with your favorite Geneva community feed.

Wednesday morning we will update our Geneva Patch homepage design to reflect feedback we've gotten from you, our fabulous unique visitors, since we launched last August.

It's probably important to note right here in good old paragraph No. 2 that the basic content isn't changing. Geneva Patch is still going to be made from the same savory ingredients you've come to love—Geneva news and information, business listings, Patch Deals, volunteer opportunities, blog posts from your neighbors, photo galleries, videos, breaking news alerts, school news, polls and the occasional zany column or feature.

But like a fine meal at or or , we hope your overall experience will be enhanced by the presentation. 

It will take some getting used to and there will be a learning curve for me, but our goal is to offer you the most ridiculously user-friendly, engaging service in our Geneva media bistro. With that in mind, we're making some improvements—like a better-organized navigation bar, an easier-to-read Editor's Picks section featuring the most important news of the day, and a Community Feed that combines all the great content Geneva Patch has to offer. 

We'd love to know what you think, so please post your comments below or in our GetSatisfaction community. (Yes, unlike Mick Jagger, Patch actually can "Get Satisfaction.")

Wednesday's special is the digital equivalent of Iron Chef America—we're working fast, creating something we hope you'll love and trying to get the recipe just right. So do me a favor, would you? Let us know what looks good, what tastes good and what could use a little more seasoning or a few more minutes in the oven.

We want to make sure we're serving you a perfect helping of all things Geneva!


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