Jenny McCarthy Putting Down Roots in Chicago

Jenny McCarthy's staying in the Chicago area, in spite of her breakup with Brian Urlacher, because she loves the Midwest, and it's a great place for kids to grow up. Here's the scoop, courtesy of Jenny's own column in the Chicago Sun-Times.

says she's putting down roots in Chicago and leaving Los Angeles for good, according to her own bylined column in The Chicago Sun-Times.

The says she really stood out as a Midwestern girl in LA, so she's moved back to Chicago, and that's where she'll stay.

The column doesn't mention whether she's in Chicago proper or one of the suburbs, but an email from Wrapports says the article is "confirming that she is moving to Chicago."

She did say her son, Evan, was very happy to be here.

“The people are so nice and I have so many friends,” Evan told his mom. We hope that Geneva was a good part of that experience.

McCarthy ends the column by thanking Chicago "for allowing me to give my son what you have had to offer ever since I was a little girl: family values, kindness, lifelong friendships and deep-dish pizza."

McCarthy donated her fee for writing the article to Generation Rescue, the autism-help organization she founded.


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SOURCE: Chicago Sun-Times

philip christiano August 20, 2012 at 08:49 PM


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