Great Weather for a Bike Ride?

Patch was out and about in Geneva when we ran into a bicyclist who is helping us to "think spring".

Lou Pasquale thought so—according to the calendar, this is a great biking weather!

We were at the when Lou was riding up to park his bike and check out some books for his daughter on his return trip from .

Lou was inspired to get his bike out, despite the flurries and cold, bitter air. He said gas prices were also a big motivating factor.

I asked him if he knew our fearless editor, and he wasn't sure but will certainly be on the look out for him in the neighborhood after he checks out Patch, which he heard about for the first time. Though, I'm not quite sure where Rick Nagel lives (probably by design), I do recall it was somewhere on the East side ...

Next time you see Lou out and about on his bike, give him a friendly Patch greeting and think spring!

Jeff Ward March 06, 2011 at 09:05 PM
Kim, Of course it's bike riding weather! I've been out twice in the last two weeks and it's a glorious thing. After riding on the trainer in the basement for the majority of this snowy winter, it's really cool actually going somewhere. There have been days in the basement when, just for variety's sake, I was hoping the bike would jump the trainer and I'd then ram the freezer. It's never too cold to ride! Jeff
Kimberly Kozar March 07, 2011 at 04:28 AM
Jeff, I sure hope you'd have your bike helmet on in that case ... Hah-hah, thanks for your comment.


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