Geneva History Minute: Swedish Day Celebrates 100th Year at Good Templar June 19

The annual Swedish Day event at Good Templar Park is celebrating its 100th anniversary on June 19, and that's earned more than a minute of video, courtesy of the Geneva History Center and Stage Fright Productions.

Probably when people hear "Swedish Day" in Geneva, they think about the annual downtown spectacular, with entertainment and beer gardens and carnival and parade.

But the "other" Swedish Day—some would say the "real" Swedish Day—is an event held each year at Good Templar Park. And this year's event, which takes place June 19, is the 100th anniversary of .

So, get ready to practice your May Pole dancing and learn more about this 100-year Geneva tradition, courtesy of the and .

George H. Scheetz June 29, 2011 at 05:44 PM
June 19 was the 100th anniversary of Swedish Day, as noted in this article. However, the reference to "100th year" in the article's title is wrong. 2011 actually is the 101st year in which Swedish Day was celebrated. Tip: In order to calculate the number of times, or years, that an event has taken place, simply determine the anniversary by subtracting the current year from the first year of the event, then add one. Using Swedish Day as an example, subtract 1911 from 2011 (100) and add one (100 + 1 = 101).


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