10 Places Most Popular With Women in Geneva, IL

In the age of Instagram, here are some of the places in Geneva most referenced by women.

Credit: Sugar Path
Credit: Sugar Path
If you've got the Jetpac City app, you probably already know this, but if you don't, maybe you'd like to know the "10 Geneva places most popular with women."

Jetpac uses Instagram photos to determine a city's top views, coffee houses, restaurants, bars, entertainment venues and more. Of course, it refers to Geneva as "Geneve" on my iPhone, but what the heck.

The following are places that were most photographed/referenced on Instagram by women:

No. 1: The Sugar Path
Rating: 9.7
Address: 315 W. State St.

No. 2: Sergio's Cantina
Rating: 9.7
Address: 30 W. State St.

No. 3: Fresh Market
Rating: 9.6
Address: 718 Commons Drive

No. 4: The Latest Crave Cupcake Shop
Rating: 9.5
Address: 227 S. Third St.

No. 5: Geneva Commons
Rating: 9.3
Address: 602 Commons Drive

No. 6: Downtown Geneva
Rating: 9.0
Address: State Street

No. 7: Old Towne Pub & eatery
Rating: 9.0
Address: 201 W. State St.

No. 8: Foxfire
Rating: 8.6
Address: 17 W. State St.

No. 9: California Pizza Kitchen
Rating: 8.4
Address: 602 Commons Drive

No. 10: Cocoon
Rating: 8.3
Address: 212 S. Third St.
Paula Krapf January 18, 2014 at 12:14 PM
Very true - I've posted quite a few photos from The Sugar Path! I'll have to do the same for other Geneva businesses.


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