Captain Kody: Sorry, Barbie, It Was Only a Matter of Time

Captain Kody killed Barbie?!

It seems that the mischievous boy is at it again. But this time it wasn’t a shoe, a sock or my favorite journal. This time, Captain Kody decided he had had enough with that skinny little plastic doll hiding on the floor of my closet.

According to the American Kennel Club (akc.org),

“The temperament of the Tibetan Terrier can be compared to that of an intelligent, loving, slightly mischievous child.

"Completely devoted to his or her people (or person), the Tibetan becomes a member of the family very quickly. The breed loves to travel and experience new places, preferably with you nearby. Perhaps the chief characteristic of the breed is its sensitivity to the moods and conditions of its owner and/or family.

"This factor, combined with its innate intelligence and devotion, makes the Tibetan Terrier a remarkable companion for LIFE. Even in old age, there is a delightful childlike quality about the breed that most find endearing. They are merry companions.”

Yes, Kody is a merry companion, but Kody is still very much a mischievous child. Some days I tend to think Kody is an obnoxious, sassy, push-the-limits child. He is a clever little boy and relishes when the attention is on him. When Kody feels he is being ignored, he looks for trouble.

The other day, that trouble was found in the likes of his discovery of a lovely beach-ready Barbie. I didn’t even know that Barbies were still lurking on the floor of the closet shared between my sister and I, but Kody brought the plastic figurine into full view. He was so excited as he came prancing out of the closet, blond Barbie hairs sticking out of his mouth and a trail of miniature pink Barbie shoes dangling from his beard.

I wish I could say that I used my authority and disciplined Kody at this moment, but instead I could not do much else but laugh and then go grab the camera. Kody is cute, and he knows it. Kody killing Barbie? Now, maybe that was not cute, but it was pretty darn funny. I can only think of what Barbie would have been saying with a giant fluff ball of an animal coming at her.

Barbie had no chance in the fight. Kody dominated her. With one paw pressed firmly against Barbie’s chest, Kody was victorious in his pursuit to take down the bronzed-skinned, plastic woman. If only Ken had been there to save her! Though I am sure Kody would not have stood for that.

Perhaps the best part of the entire Barbie extreme domination drama was that when I finally told Kody that he could no longer torment dear Barbie, he tucked her body under his head and laid on her as though he was now her protector. Later, he promptly returned the slightly bruised, puncture wounded Barbie to where he originally found her in the closet—with her purse, little pink shoes and all. It was the sweetest thing I have seen him do in a long time.

Yes, you could say Kody killed Barbie, but his intentions with her were merely playful for in the end, he showed me that he can in fact properly respect a lady. Could this crazy mutt be maturing after all? Barbie sure hopes so.

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Jane E. Cladis November 19, 2011 at 05:01 AM
Go, Kody!!! What an awesome dog!!!
Athena Roumeliotis November 21, 2011 at 09:58 AM
I love your awesome descriptions of Captain Kody's antics. You have such a way with words. I hope you are saving all these articles for your first children's book. With all your photos, you should now have enough material for several short children's books. Go, Angela!! Happy Thanksgiving to all! Athena
Andrea Cladis November 22, 2011 at 06:31 AM
thank you for the praise and encouragement! I think it would be wonderful to have Captain Kody books! It's an excellent idea and I will work towards that. The Cladis family wishes you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving as well.


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